Unique Doc McStuffins Party Printables & Tips For Printing Your Own Party!

Jan 28, 2014

Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com to order!

If there’s one thing i’ve never liked about shopping online for printables, its not seeing the items printed and in action! If I can’t see what the finished product has the potential to look like, I may not buy the item. I want to SEE how great my party can become.

That’s why I’ve recently started taking professional photos of my most popular shop items - Doc McStuffins themed printables! I get a lot of requests for this theme and what has come from that, and my creative customers, are some really great and super unique printable options for your Doc McStuffins party or just for pretend play at home.

These Boo Boo Book, Wristbands, Boo Boo stickers, Doctor Badges, Thank You Cards, Favor Tags, Favor Boxes, and Cupcake Toppers are exclusive to Hilltop Custom Designs! You won’t find them anywhere else (and if you do, they’re knockoffs!). I was the first seller on Etsy to offer many of these unique and cute Doc themed items. Since then a lot of people have come along and tried to make duplicates, but in my very biased opinion, mine are still the best ;)

Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com to order!

So - let’s talk about some things you need to know about printing your own party...
  • White 8.5 x 11” card stock is recommended unless your item is in another size.
  • Circular or scalloped hole punches will save you TONS of time with cupcake toppers!
  • Dont want to print at home?? Use printing services like FedEx/Kinkos, Staples, or OfficeMax!
  • Items will always be a little less vibrant when printed, thats just the nature of viewing things on our new-age HD screens and having printers that dont exactly print in HD. (yet)
  • Scissors will be a huge part of the process, but dont get discouraged!
  • Kids love unique party favors that they can personalize, so printing things like Doctor Badges or Wristbands make everything a memorable experience for them
  • You dont have to go overboard! Sticking to a simple color theme (usually 2-4 colors) and having matching items makes all the difference. Your party will look professional this way and people will be sure to be impressed!!
I’ve been doing my children’s parties by myself via party printables for 2 years now and while it was daunting at first, i love it now! Sure, pre-made store bought stuff is easier but you won’t get the same effect! :)


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